CA-1803BT GSM/GPS Fordonslarm

CA-1803BT GSM/GPS Fordonslarm
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CA-1803BT GSM/GPS Fordonslarm 


In addition to the CA-1802 functionality, the CA-1803BT "ATHOS" GSM car alarm is equipped with an integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) module to provide information about car location with high precision.

The CA-1803BT "ATHOS" GSM car alarm provides car protection, immobilization, alarm reporting via GSM, car use supervision and a GPS module. Being a single device, it is sold for a single price.

   The car alarm can be controlled remotely either via the key-fob remote control supplied in the package or via an original remote control. You also can operate thealarm remotely from authorized mobile phones via SMS instructions or simply bydialling-in.

   The car alarm responds to door opening, turning the ignition key on, boot or bonnet releases or to voltage drops caused by car appliances being switched on.Wireless detectors can be connected to provide protection of both the car interior and exterior (garage, caravan, etc.). The delay mode feature allows you convenient operation when accessing your garage. After an alarm has been triggered, a siren will be activated and SMS reports will be sent to pre-programmed phone numbers. SMS alarm reports contain detailed information about possibleintrusion source and typeGPS coordinates supplemented by GMT (Greenwich Mean Time - the time related to the prime meridian), altitude, velocity, date and local GSM time. You can pre-program report parts according your wishes as in the following example: Mercedes reports: Alarm, boot, intrusion, (GMT: 1.9. 21:45) 50°41.936N;15°11.805E;670;0, Time 02:27:50, 10.11.2007.

   You can immobilize the car via an SMS instruction, this way preventing the car from being used after your keys have been stolen. It is possible to attach a hands-free set of type HF-03. Using this you are able to call up to 4 pre-programmed phone numbers via the car alarm, or to receive calls from an arbitrary number, or to remotely listen-in to the car after an alarm has been triggered. You can interrogate about the current car status (locked/unlocked, ignition on/off, ...) viaSMS instructions. If a pre-paid SIM card is used, the car alarm is capable of checking the credit balance automatically. By monitoring the voltage supply, the CA-1803BT responds to any power supply faults by informing you via SMS and, in particular, by switching to the BB-02 back-up battery as a power supply. Except for the acoustic siren, the BB-02 backs-up all the functions of the car alarm. This also includes voice communication if an HF-03 handsfree set is attached.

   The car alarm provides many optional features which can be programmed via SMS instructions or via the GSMLink web site which provides password-protected Internet access.

   The CA-1803BT is equipped with an integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) module. This module allows the car alarm to provide information about car location with high precision. The information includes longitude, latitude, altitude and velocity. The location can be obtained on an SMS request or via the GSMLink Internet page. The car alarm is capable of recording several thousand car locations. Records can be used for statistics about car use in the last few days or to create route listings.


   The data about precise location is transmitted on the run (while the ignition key is turned on) from the GPS module using the car alarm Bluetooth module. The information can be received by a palmtop computer or a mobile phone running navigation softwareallowing you car journey navigation.

Monitoring car use

   This feature is available via the GSMLink web site. You can specify how frequently car locations should be recorded. The information, augmented with precise time and velocity data, can then be retrieved from the car alarm and displayed on a map. Stored records are overwritten, beginning from the oldest ones (optional).

Route listing

   The Route listing service is designed for monitoring car journeys. This is especially suitable for supervising work journeys. Information about particular journeys can be automatically retrieved and then securely accessed via the Internet. You can get the information displayed either in text form or graphically on a map (the selected route is marked and the map area adjusted so that you can see the whole route from the start to the end). Finally, the information can be stored in a data file so that it can be further used for book-keeping purposes. The Route listing is a paid service - however, it is very affordable.

The CA-1803BT "ATHOS" GSM car alarm - price-reduced kit.

CA-1802 WRC - The kit is designed for cars with an original remote control for central locking (mode 2) or for cars with an installed car alarm where it will work as a GSM pager (mode 3). The RC-82 keyfobs are not supplied with the package. This allows the kit to be provided at a very favourable price.

Technical specifications

Power supply 12-24V DC (8-32V)
Stand-by consumption max. 20 mA
Max. consumption (during GSM communication) 1 A